Current Project


I’ve been working on the Lost and Found Pets series this year. Both novellas 5 and 6 were completed already. That's fast for me. :) 

Next up is Dead in a Barn: Leah Norwood Mystery #4. I have the idea and the basic plot, but this one isn't very far along. I have a tentative blurb and the beginning paragraph.

Check back for updates.


When Leah Norwood finds the body of Leon Hollis in a barn, she knows she won’t be able to stand by while the police search for the killer. Too many of the main suspects are her friends. Leon had a criminal background and had hurt a lot of people. The only one mourning his death was his daughter.

Leon had held Gabe and Olivia Weston’s son at gunpoint. Olivia had threatened to kill Leon if he ever showed his face around her again. Myra Dewalt was still dealing with the aftermath of Leon’s abuse during their marriage. She had knocked Leon unconscious with a pitchfork once before, putting him into the hospital. As for Leah, she had chased the man from a restaurant with the intent to do bodily harm. Even her relationship with the sexy chief of police wouldn’t keep her off the suspect list.

Leah loves a good mystery. Can she find the killer before it’s too late?


I found the body on July 4. The light from the fireworks illumined the barn entrance just enough to see one of the horses looking over the stall gate and staring down. My eyes followed and detected a shape lying in front of the door, head bashed in and bleeding. A pitchfork was next to the body covered with blood. It took only a moment to recognize the victim. My first thought was he had it coming. My second thought was which one of my friends just went to the head of the suspect list.